Performing songs in church

Tracking songs performed, with performance notes …


Advance apologies for those whose performances I’ve supposedly (or actually) helped/undermined; these are a track record only of songs I led/sang/mutilated 🙂


Feb. 1, 2015

– played drumbox for two songs w/ the children’s choir

Dec. 2014:

– “Kind and Generous” (Natalie Merchant) — played acoustic guitar & organ, sometimes simultaneously (using foot pedals)

Sept. 2014:

– “Ballad of John Henry” — I was particularly happy how this one came out. Sung a capella with hammer & spike for rhythm


Summer 2014:

– played bass behind two songs sung by others.





– “I Am a Child” (Neil Young) – solo with acoustic guitar. I had thought to whistle the harmonica part, but was too nervous


– “Let Us Get Together” (Rev. Gary Davis) – electric guitar with the Joyful Noise ensemble, a great band;  I mostly played tambourine on the other songs. Sure is fun to do sing-a-longs


– “The Gypsy King’s Farewell” (Peter Rowan) – acoustic guitar & ensemble. Brad Hull (bouncy bass) and Michael Lawson (tuneful accordion) made it rock.

– “Werewolves of London” (Warren Zevon) – electric guitar, black wig & band. Thanks to Brad Hull & Terry Levitt for providing the repetitive-but-rock-solid bass & piano that made this work (drum track from my electronic keyboard). This was the first time I was truly satisfied with my performance (although the slide part could have been better 😉

6/27/10: all solo

– “Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning” (unknown)

– “The Actor” (J. Hayward)

– “Concerto in D, 2nd mvmnt (andante)” (Vivaldi; arr. Steve Howe)

– “Carnival People” (Ron Romanovsky)

Being the only musician for the whole service was nerve-wracking — two songs I had to stop & start over … which can only mean I have to work on it more, right?

4/25/10 (Earth Day)

– “Happy Birthday Earth Day” (J. Prisco) – solo acoustic, as medley with another song, both written the night before. Nobody clapped for this 😉 — I suspect largely they just didn’t know what to make of it. Neither did I, but that’s the price of irony.

2/??/10 — fundraiser/”talent” show

– “Heroes” (D. Bowie)

– “1999” (Prince)

– both performed as medley on right-hand 12-string strung lefthanded, plus foot-tapped tambourine on “1999”. I believe people applauded mainly for my three-limbed multi-tasking 🙂

12/21/09: service on the Solstice

– “Here Comes the Sun” (G. Harrison) – acoustic duet with Jack Brand, using the right-handed 12-string. OF course it immediately revealed itself to be out of tune, and I had to actually stop playing and retune the G-string (isn’t it always?) — good thing Jack carried that part.

December 2009

– “Before the Deluge” (Jackson Browne) – accompanied Larry Bridges, played fretless bass with e-bow guitar for the break

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